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Foundations: Strength

Foundations is a prerequisite to our Strength & co sessions, in this one off session you will undergo an in-depth movement screening and lifestyle analysis to determine how we progress forward in your journey. You will be given individual activation movements specific to your body mechanics and goals and we will also cover correct core activation and intra abdominal breathing.

You will only need to do this session once before you progress to our Strength & co sessions.

Strength & Co

Our signature group training session. We start each session with a specific and targeted Pilates style activation sequence to prepare the body, then we move on to a strength session designed for your specific goals, comprising of two main lifts (deadlift, bench press, squat or hip thrust) set with accessories to perfect movement patterns, increase active flexibility, joint mobility and stability.

We finish each session with some play elements such as hoop (Lyra), inversions, acro yoga and targeted prehab/rebab work.

Sessions are capped at eight members.


Small movements make the big movements possible! Mat work and small apparatus Pilates session focussing on deep core, glute and shoulder functionality. Pilates is suitable and recommend for all whether you are looking to improve strength, prehab or all round body mechanics and functionality.


Flow and Co yoga sessions are a moderately paced, mindfulness inspired practice designed to calm the mind, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and improve mobility. We incorporate breath work and meditation practices in each session while exploring the philosophy and physicality of yoga.

Flow Mama

Flow mama is designed for mamas navigating the daunting, exciting, overwhelming and sometimes uninformed journey back to strength post baby. Having given birth in 2020 and experiencing this journey myself, I am wildly passionate about helping and educating fellow mamas on safe and correct training postpartum.

After an initial movement screening, abdominal separation check and gentle activation session we will work together to have you feeling strong in a safe, supported and knowledgeable environment (where of course bubs are more than welcome).

We will focus on diastasis recti (ab separation) repair, pelvic floor function postpartum, common mama issues like lower back, breastfeeding shoulder/thoracic pain and functional strength, no matter your birth type and experience.

Myofascial Release

Our Myofascial Release sessions are designed to focus on improved flexibility, joint mobility and prehab for longevity and injury prevention. We combine stretching, joint mobility movements, trigger ball and foam roller release and each session will have a different focus such as:

  • Shoulder and thoracic mobility
  • Hip mobility and knee health
  • Splits
  • Backbends
  • Active flexibility

Inversions & Play

An entire class dedicated to getting upside down! Headstands, handstands, inversion chair, paralettes, tumbles, arm balances, acro plus all of the knowledge and drills to get you there and progress forward. All body types encouraged, inversions are for everyone and we can’t recommend the benefits of regular play more!

Pole Studio Classes

All of our pole sessions are designed to be ‘workshop style’ meaning we have no set terms, continuing routines or strict syllabus. Each class you will learn tricks and transitions that your coach will progress or regress as needed, you will then combine these into a short one off routine.

Why do we structure this way?

At Flow and Co we love and celebrate the fluidity and individuality of pole and each member is taught as an individual. This structure allows you to move up (and down!) levels as you and your coach see fit and allows the flexibility to change your times/days/levels each week. This structure also moves away from the traditional idea of a syllabus allowing each member to celebrate and progress their own strengths as a pole dancer.

Foundations: Pole

Designed for those brand new to pole (or coming back from a break). Learn foundational spins, sits, climbs and floorwork movements. No prior dance or strength necessary, every body is a pole dancing body! There is no minimum number of foundations classes you need to complete before moving from Foundations, this will be up to you and your coach – as a guide, expect 6-10 classes.

Pole 1

Your next step in your pole journey! Progress from the fundamental skills you have gained in our foundations class. Pole 1 is all about getting you feeling strong and confident on the pole, we progress to short combos and start our conditioning for upside down!

Pole 2

Pole 2 is our next levelled class, here we look at longer and more complex combos and start getting upside down (where the fun really starts!). At Flow and Co we understand that different bodies are great at different things and there is more than one way to get upside down! We teach both inverts and alternative ways such as dropping into inverts to progress you on to inverted movements safely.

Pole 3

Once you are feeling comfortable with longer combos and being upside down, pole 3 is for you! In this level you will build on your foundations to more complex movements and combos while getting ready for the even more advanced stuff.

Pole 4

Pole 4 is our most advanced class – learn complex combos and movements and build on your own personal style as a pole dancer. This class is for those who are feeling strong and confident and want to take the next step.


Flow is a whole class of dance, basework and floor tricks choreographed into a new routine each week – we definitely recommend you try it as least once!

Hoop & Play

A dedicated class for hoop (also known as lyra), tricks, transitions and combinations. Build the strength and confidence to perform incredible hoop tricks and have fun while doing it! Hoop classes are recommended for all body types.